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Green Business Hub is happy to do the hard work of marketing and lead generation in your business for you! As a subscriber on our digital advertising and marketing platform your business will benefit from;

  • A dedicated business profile page to best promote your green products and services, with clear contact details to drive enquiries to your chosen inbox and phone number
  • Publication of your latest news, events and promotional marketing content on our Community page for users of our website to engage with and find out more about what you do
  • Direct promotion of your business and your published Community page promotional marketing content to our wider consumer and business follower network through our social media profiles, ‘Biz Connect’ Radio show and bi-weekly subscriber email
  • 5* Reviews on your profile to help you generate new business from your customers
  • A team of digital marketing experts to improve your online visibility
  • Measurable ROI with regular Website traffic stats

Our three individual membership subscription packages are described in more detail below. OR you can click on the Sign Up Today box to see a full summary table of the different benefit packages.

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Full Showcase

Our Full Showcase profile presents your potential customers with a full description of your business, products or services, with clear contact buttons allowing them to get in touch easily. With added creative functionality, businesses can upload their company/product video, promote up to 5 individual products and/or services and appear bi-annually as a LIVE studio guest on our ‘Biz Connect’ radio show.

Ideal for businesses who need the ultimate in creativity and exposure to fully promote the sustainability and environmental ‘value’ of what they do through their product and service offering.

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Mini Showcase

Our Mini Showcase offers businesses a more condensed profile, but still with many of the same overall benefits. Company introduction (minus video & hero image) and individual product/services features (up to max 3) with supporting images are a given, as is access to our Community page for you to post your latest news and promotional call to action/content for us to promote through social media. Whilst we won’t be able to invite you onto our radio show, you’ll still benefit from an ongoing push from our side to ensure your business gets noticed and generates those all important new enquiries.

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Standard Entry

Our Standard Entry profile listing is just that – a more basic summary of your company and the green products and services you provide. This profile is ideal for businesses with perhaps a single product or service offering that speaks for itself and needs little explaining. Perhaps competing in a more commodotised ‘mass’ market with a focus on price sensitivity, our Standard Entry profile enables businesses to still be seen as an integral part of our environmentally focused business community.

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Engage your business

All buyers, whether we be individual consumers or businesses, rely heavily on available online marketing ‘content’ as a means of researching brands and suppliers when making purchasing decisions!

On a customer engagement level here, Green Business Hub works by being neither threatening or intrusive as a sales tactic – we are a platform that provides useful ‘value add’ information through our subscribers content which buyers and key decision makers in our wider follower community can either choose to act on or ignore according to their individual needs!

Our Offers

We have a range of business profile options designed to help you maximise your business return from our platform

What’s included

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Company Introduction

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